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Long Haul flights with budget airlines and low-cost carriers

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Jetbllue AirlinesWelcome to our worldwide guide to long-haul budget flights. Plan cheap round the world and inter-continental flights.

Budget airlines are increasing in numbers across every continent offering cheaper deals than traditional airlines.


Latest long haul budget airline news...


Air Asia are reconsiderng their european routes after the long haul model seems not to be working with their budget model.

Air Asia X currently fly nonstop from Kuala Lumpur to London Gatwick and Paris. They were initially flying into London Stanstead to the North of the capital but moved to Gatwick in January,

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Almost a round-the-world budget airline ticket (from Hawaii to the Cook Islands, the long way!)

Hawaii to Vancouver WestJet 10 Canada Mumbai - Bangalore Kingfisher India
Vancouver to Toronto WestJet 10 Canada Bangalore - Singapore Jetstar Asia
Toronoto to Manchester Flyglobe Span UK Singapore - Darwin Tiger Airline
Manchester to Berlin Air Berlin Darwin - Brisbane Virgin Blue
Berlin to Luxor Air Berlin Brisbane - Auckland Virgin Blue
Luxor to Sharjar Air Arabia Budget Airline Auckland - Cook Islands Virgin Blue
Sharjar to Mumbai Air Arabia Budget Airline Cook Islands - Hawaii coming soon?

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Budget Long Haul Airlines arw charging too much for food

Low cost airlines are hiking up the price of snacks and drinks by more than 1,000% compared with everyday prices, according to research that shows that a 12p cup-a-soup sachet can cost passengers as much as £2.50.

A comparison of six major budget airlines serving the UK market found huge price increases on basic refreshments, with most carriers charging £2.60 for a tea and £1.80 for a 500ml bottle of water.

Ryanair, perceived by most as the airline offering the lowest seat prices, was found to be the most expensive when it came to on-board snacks, charging £2.34 for a bottle of water and £1.56 for a chocolate bar.

Passengers on a Ryanair flight could find themselves paying £1.96 for a 200ml can of cola, and £2.34 for a 160g bag of gummy sweets.

However, Ryanair is by no means alone in charging high prices. The price comparison snapshot, by travel search engine, found airlines routinely charged triple the supermarket price for chocolate bars, compared with supermarket prices.

When buying cheap flights you should also be aware of the offers of travel insurance. If you are flying anywhere out of your home country then is should be assumed you will have cover anyway! Source:


Norweigian has issues with budget long haul Dreamliner flights

One of Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA's (NAS.OS) Boeing Dreamliner jets remained grounded in port Fri as a result of technical issues, adding to a variety of recent mishaps with the planes solely days when the Norwegian budget airline Sat down with Boeing BA -0.54% during a crisis meeting to resolve the case. The spokesman said that he hopes everyone has good travel insurance for the trip on the plane.

The jet ought to have left port for national capital, Sweden, at 5:30 pm civil time with virtually two hundred passengers however had to stay on the bottom as a result of hydraulic ram issues, Norwegian press voice Charlotte Holmbergh Jacobsson told The Wall Street Journal Fri.

The passengers are rebooked on different flights, and a few of them are checked into hotels, Ms. Holmbergh Jacobsson aforesaid. Norwegian continues to be attempting to repair the aircraft's technical issues, she added.

Norwegian presently operates 2 Dreamliners on long-distance routes from Scandinavia to Asia and therefore the U.S., and aims to introduce six additional over future few years because it ramps up its long-haul service. however it's had to ground the craft many times in recent weeks as a result of technical problems, together with mechanics issues also as power provide mishaps and brake run-down indications. Others, together with heap Polish Airlines Sturmarbeiteilung, have additionally had to halt flights recently as a result of technical problems with their Dreamliners.

Top managers of Norwegian and Boeing met in national capital weekday on to debate the recent issues.

Could the Airbus A380 be the future for no frills long haul flights?

The Airbus A380 could be the missing piece of the budget long jigsaw. If an A380 was stripped out and replaced with only economy class seats then in theory you could have over 850 paying passengers per flight.

However to compete with ordinary airlines the operator would have to be very selective over which routes they will compete for. For instance there might be more passengers per plane but with a 'frills' airline you have first, business class who's fares tend to be 3 to 4 higher than economy. There is also an expectation that when one flies on a budget airline they would expect to pay less than a frills airline own economy budget seats to Valencia

Whether this model will ever work, e.g. long haul flights on budget airways, remains to be seen but there are bound to other airlines who will pick this up in years to come and try and break through and make a successful long haul budget airline.


Budget carrier Jetstar to fly long haul from Chiangi

Jetstar budget airlines have announced plans to fly budget long haul flights from Singapore to destinations in Australia and Europe insurance. Details of exact destinations have not been announced yet but we will bring you the news as soon as they announce plans.


Air Arabia Egypt

A new airline from Egypt is being create called Air Arabia Egypt - the airline is in parntership with travco and will fly from its base within egypt all over the middles east and European destinations too.

Sahara Air

Air Sarah has began chartering flights from Heathrow to New Delhi from an incredible £126 plus taxes and Emirates has revealed that it is considering launching flights from London to Sydney for £280 return including taxes and £140 return to the Big Apple.

Ryan air UK flight to USA coming soon!

Ryan air has announced it plans to create another airline that allows passengers to fly from the U.S. to Europe for very cheap prices.

Chief Executive Officer Michael O'Leary told reporters last week he plans to take advantage of the recent open skies agreement between Europe and the U.S.

More Travel News from Budget Long Haul

Air Asia X who are going to be flying no frills long haul have from Asia to Europe and beyond have announced that they might not be starting the flights until 2008, possibly late as August 2008.

The reason is that they have no planes!

Flyglobespan announces new services

FLYGLOBESPAN, the Scotland based airline, is set to launch a string of new services from airports on both sides of the Border - while trying to answer concerns that the unprecedented growth in budget air travel is taking its toll on the environment.

Confirmation that the number of aircraft operated by the group is set to increase to 21 by the end of the year, from the present 13, came as new accounts for parent company Globespan Group revealed a sharp rise in passenger numbers and turnover.


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